Kaila Ronayne

Second Year Astronomy PhD Student at Texas A&M University

About Me

I have a B.S in Aerospace Engineering with minors in astrophysics and mathematics from Texas A&M University. I joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy in January of 2022 and have been working with Dr. Casey Papovich to explore the 7.7µm star formation rate tracer with James Webb Space Telescope Mid-IR Instrument. I aim to study star protoclusters in the near future!

I have two fur babies that I adore and spend most of my time with (shown below). They even have their own instagram account!

Achilles (Pit Mix)

Vincent (Beagle)


My research focus is on galaxy star formation and tracers of star formation using JWST. Below are my current published work(s)!

First Author Papers
More information and graphics will be added once projects are completed

Completed Project(s)

  • TBD

Current Project(s)

  • CEERS: 7.7 PAH SFR Calibration with JWST MIRI . I

  • Comparing the ability of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission Feature to Trace Star Formation with Hα

Co-Author Papers